T25 Superblock

Hey, fitness friends! Are you ready for a new challenge? I have some exciting news for you: the upcoming BoDi Block T25 workout with ShaunT is launching on May 1st, and it will be awesome!

If you’ve ever done FOCUS T25, you know ShaunT is the master of making every second count. His workouts are fast, fun, and effective, and they only take 25 minutes a day. But this time, he’s taking it to the next level with a fresh take on his hit program: the FOCUS T25 Super Block.

The FOCUS T25 Super Block is a 3-week program that combines cardio, strength, and core exercises that progress weekly as you get stronger. You’ll get to work out with ShaunT and his crew and enjoy new moves and new music playlists that will keep you motivated and energized.

But wait, there’s more! When you unlock the FOCUS T25 Super Block, you’ll also get access to B25, ShaunT’s bike Super Block. This is a unique opportunity to experience ShaunT’s empowering and inspirational style on a BIKE! You’ll get to cycle with him and his team and enjoy heart-pumping cardio, challenging climbs, and off-bike weightlifting. Plus, each workout has a personal message from ShaunT that will inspire you to be your best self. Find out more about the Beachbody Bike here: Click for more bike information.

You can do the FOCUS T25 and B25 Super Blocks separately or mix them up as you like. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll get amazing results in just 25 minutes a day.

So what are you waiting for? Join me and thousands of other fitness enthusiasts on May 1st for the BoDi Block T25 workout with ShaunT. It’s going to be a blast!

Are The FOCUS T25 and B25 Super Blocks Right for Me?

It’s time to nail it—again! With the FOCUS T25 Super Block, the moves are new, but the focus is the same: YOU. Make every second count with nonstop cardio and strength workouts that let you control the intensity. Set your pace, and Shaun will provide the motivation you need to focus on your goals and feel amazing in just 25 minutes. For the first time, when you unlock the FOCUS T25 Super Block you’ll also unlock the B25 Super Block, Shaun T’s motivational and empowering bike block. You’ll spend less time focusing on the fitness (while still sweating buckets) and more time working on the inner strength that will ultimately push your physical results to the next level. As Shaun says, “Come all the way through and ride with me!” You can exclusively follow the T25 block or B25 cycle block, incorporate rides into your T25 block, or do them both!


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